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Hi, I am Soop I was diagnosed with P.D.about 7 years ago,I started of with M.E. and had to give up working as a Manager of a care home for the elderly as I was constantly in pain and so tired I felt I could have been a danger to those in my care.At this time I also gave up driving for same reasons,once diagnosed with P.D. it seemed to be a relief,something other people could understand,all but my family they seem to want to ignore it and just take all day by day.I now have C.O.P.D.SO I rely heavily on other people "but" I can still laugh I joined local and they are a great group,I have a P.D.Nurse who is an angel.So as others have found now I find life has turned upside down but what a lot of good support is available from the P.D. Group.Thanks to all.
greetings from australia. hope you find it useful and friendly here. i know i do.
hi ya soop,welcome to puk forum,im ali been dx 12 years im 43 .i also belong to a pd group,and like you found it best thing i ever took under there wings so to speak.also belonging puk forum has booted me,it gives me intrest to turn on my lap top and still after 12 years im learning new things off the website and forum stick around with us soop,be lovley to speak to you on another thread.take care x:smile:
hi i am loulou_b having a rotten day today o well tomorrow will be better ! i live in Dublin there is no forum here love to start it but trying to get confidence back up .....diagnosed 2 years ago ju
st about out of to hear from loads of exercises from neuro instiitute oof america...exhausting.....:rolling_eyes:
Hi Lou Lou. Sorry not not feeling to good . I was Dx 2007 it's been up and down but still I carry on I will nether give up . I go to pd group which helps. And I like doing art and craft it helps taking my mind of the pain .do you do any think .so I hope to morrow will be a better day .take each day as it come that's what I do .take care .if you want to take I'm jem47