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hi i am a carer for my mum who suffers from progressive supranuclear palsy, misdiagnosed as motor neurone disease for 18 months, she started slurring her words in 2015, fast forward to 2017 and many drs appts later, slurring getting worse, falls and not being able to grip, we had to push for her to see a consultant, who immediately diagnosed MND, around 18 months later after she kept complaining of her eyes not being right and dizzyness we saw another consultant who diagnosed PSP shocked is an understatement.
Not sure if she has just entered the advance stage as she has deteriorated quite a bit in the last few weeks, mobility just gone this week, speech almost gone, devastating illness.

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Hello Lottie, welcome to the forum. Sounds like a really difficult time with your mum, sorry to hear that you’ve had such a shock.I suggest you call our helpline, 0808 800 0303, open 9-5, and it may be worth speaking with your Mum’s GP too, to see what support they can suggest. Best, Lucy - moderation team.

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