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Hi all, I have just been diagnosed with PD only last Friday by a neurologist in Halton near Warrington, I think I have had PD a while over the last twelve months I have been struggling to walk even small distances, but I didn’t realise I was not using my right arm like my left, also when I am holding my iPad, cups, spoons in my right hand shakes a lot. I have been told that I will be put on a mild medication but I can’t remember the name, the neurologist said there is two different types of the medications. Is there anything else I should be looking out for with PD. Thanks in advance

He might put you on:

Requip (Ropinirole) to improve your movement
Amantadine for tremor
Carbadopa/levadopa at some point to help with all your symptoms (the gold standard)

He will also tell you to exercise - walking is good even small distances, he will likely give you more to do.

How is your mental clarity?

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Mental clarity, what do you mean, sorry for being a bit dumb

the best way to describe would be like a brain fog, slowness in thinking at times, difficulty concentrating, essentially your head feels a bit foggy and not clear like you want it to be and it used to be. This link describes it as well:

PS, he might also put you on Rasagaline for its long term benefit

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Hi @WilliamJ, Welcome to the forums. You’ll find this is a very helpful place as you are beginning to see already.

You can contact our Helpline and Local Adviser Service on 0808 800 0303 or email: [email protected] where we have specialist nurse advisers who will be able to discuss your concerns. Our helpline and local advisers can also connect you to support in your area.

You can also take a look at Newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s which may answer some of the questions you might have.

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Same symptoms that I had …dx at 41 I am 50 now.

The initial meds I was given did not work for me . Took a while but finally got a balance that works for me. The problem I had was the time between first appointments 6-9 months !!

My advice is that if you don’t feel the meds you are on are not helping or making things worse then phone your neurologist and tell them …everyone is different with this thing and what’s right for somebody else may not be right for you.

Good luck


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Thank you DHP, I took a look at that web page you sent now I understand what you were saying and yes I am suffering from most of them. Mind you I am 70 years of age but since reading that web page I have notice my wife will ask me something it takes a few seconds for me to answer, I am listening but I seem to be busy thinking something else. Walking I have really slowed I put it down to a knew knee 2 years ago, plus my neck leans to the left when tired. Seen a neurologist last Friday she said I have early signs of pd, she never gave me any medication she told me she would right a letter to my doctors and my doctor will prescribe the medication she suggested and also they will get some to phone me about pd, not heard anything yet.

Hi William J I was dianosed ln 2010 and i am still here, my advice to you is we are not all the same, you will have good days and bads days. When members say loss of concentrateing , i use to love reading but after just one page i have had enough. Also what amazed me is that the other year I found out that I could no longer swim. Exercise I took up Tai Chi when first found that I had PD now after 10 years I am finding it hard to remember the moves. There are 3 of us in the group all have PD. You did not say if you had a PD nurse if not have a word with your Doctors secretary, These nurse are your life-line they really listing to what you have to say and they care. for get about Boots care!!! get your self a PD nurse.

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WilliamJ & mary1947, for me maintaining mental clarity is my most critical battle with PD, and at 62 I have no intention of losing that battle. In addition to exercise, what makes all the difference for me is 2 things:

1/ Ambroxol - min 600-900mg per day - this one over-the-counter medication alone has for me made all the difference in eliminating my PD creeping brain fog, and keeping me worry free on that score for the past almost 10 months I have been taking it (& yes, my neurologist knows & is fine with it)

2/ Acetyl L Carnatine - min 1000mg day - an herbal supplement that I have been taking for almost 15 years now, and has really helped me keep my memory sharp (as my co workers will attest, much to their dismay at times).

As always do your own due diligence, hope that helps!

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Exercise is key, rock steady boxing is brilliant, there is a club in widnes i think and one in wirral, best of luck