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Hi all. My mum has PD. she was diagnosed back in the late 1980s inner 50s. She is now 83. For many years she lived on her own whilst I was living abroad, but moved to live with me and the family approx 10 years ago. She had nursing careers visit on a daily basis whilst I worked - my children were 2 and 4 at that time - now they are 11 and 14.
With the progression of PD I had to make a decision for her to move to a nursing home locally which provided her with independence but nursing support 24/7 - too many falls, visits to hospital and quality of life were the main factors. The nursing home is great - quality of care and support excellent.

Anyhow over the last few months and weeks she has started to have "seizures". Last night I was called out to the home and was present when the seizure happened. I have never been so frightened, so unexpected and thought I haven't had the time to tell Mum everything - it took over 45 minutes for her to come around with the paramedics. Her breathing was slow and heart rate had dropped so low as had BP.

The Specialist has recommended Epilim - does anyone have exp of this and what does it do?

Meanwhile I've been kidding myself that I'm prepared for the inevitable, but I've never been so wrong. I'm a total wreck today and have arranged time off work. I'm off to see my GP tomorrow but really need to find some support locally - North Bristol - any suggestions ?

As far as I know, Epilem is used to control epileptic seizures.

I suggest you ask why your Mum has been prescribed this from the relevant doctor/consultant, or whoever. It may be that it is not connected to her Parkinsons at all but you need to know if this is an additional medical condition.

I'm sure that when you know why, you will feel better able to cope with your situation and worries.

As for local support, go to the main PUK site and I am sure that you will find a local support group/branch in your area.