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Hi I am new to the forum. Am 53 and was diagnosed two and a half years ago. Fortunately for me the condition is not too bad with a little stiffness in my left hand and leg. I am still working but obviously worried about what the future holds, but have a wonderful supportive family.

Hello John99

Welcome to the forum. I am 52 and was diagnosed April 2012.
Like you I am still working.
Hope to see you around the forum :wink:

im 55 and was told I had PD in October 2010, but it started in 1999, I am still at work, and its not something I want to give up. and welcome to the forum.

Thanks. I appreciate the welcome.

Hi. I am 54, today actually. I was diagnosed about 2_3 years ago. I have struggled with depression and was initially told I had progressive supra nuclear palsy. However that has not been confirmed. I'm a former headmaster but haven't been able to work. The mental issues have been tough. I'm also raising twin 16year old daughters. The changes have been hard for them as well. Good to know there is support.

Welcome to both of you, John and Pat!

I'm a 67-year-old woman who has been enjoying all the delights of this disease for 16 years now. The miracle is that with the right combination of meds and plenty of exercise, I am still able to live the life I always did prior to dx. So keep your spirits up. For most of us pd moves very slowly. And when you're having a "down" time, you will always find others in this forum who understand and are really knowledgeable. Best of luck!

Hi welcome to the forum am 51 got told I had pd in feb this year, am still working nowt Chang in my life so fare a bit slow at times but I can deal with that ,I fight it all the way good luck