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Hi all i am a 74 year old woman who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in October 2019.
it affects mainly my right side of my body, I used to fall over a lot and smashed my face in several times, I got myself a trolley which helped me stop falling and feel safer. I started taking Madopar in august 2021
which made me feel better.
However now my toes are bending over does anyone else experience this?
they are quite painful at times also my right hand shake is becoming worse. I have an appointment with my consultant at the end of the month.
generally I am an upbeat person and don’t let it affect my life too much though some days I do become anxious and worry about my future.

Hi @Glynis & welcome to the forum, I am on Madopar but don’t suffer any side effects from it. Though I am doing a Parkinsons Trial to assess falling for twelve months, what happens is a patch is applied to my body daily for this period & there’s three strengths. At present i’m on the medium one. As others will tell you, make a note of anything you want to ask your consultant so that you can work your way through the list & nothing is forgotten. I know it is difficult but try to remain upbeat & positive. If you have anything else you would like to ask the people on here are good listeners, we’re all in the same boat but going along our own different paths.



Hello Gynis1

Welcome to the forum. Cruise controller gives good advice when he suggests you make a note of any questions and certainly mention the toe curling. Obviously I’m not a doctor and this may not be right so please bear that in mind but it might be something called dystonia. This is a simple definition which seems to fit

Dystonia can be a symptom of Parkinson’s and some other diseases and is a movement disorder on its own. Painful, prolonged muscle contractions cause abnormal movements and postures, such as a foot turning inward or the head tilting sideways.

I’m sorry I don’t know much more than this and remember it could be something else but as a start point it sounds a reasonable suggestion.

Hope your appointment goes well and please do let us know how you get on.

Best wishes


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Hi Les thanks for your reply
I do keep quite upbeat most days

Hi Tot
thanks for your reply, yes it could be dysatonia, i will ask my consultant when I see him at the end of the month

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