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Hi, I would like to introduce myself and ask for information. I look after my mum who has pd she has been diagnosed now for about 12 years. I gave up a full time job as a medical secretary to look after my mum as her condition has deteriorated, and now I feel like I am struggling to cope. My mum doesn't really have a tremor anymore, her condition manifests itself with the severe involuntary movements of her arms and legs to the point that she sweats so much that you would think she had done a full work out in the gym. She has lost so much weight that her skin just hangs of her bones. I would like to know is there any treatment for this symptom, we are waiting an appointment for the movement disorder doctor at the Walton centre in Liverpool. I also wanted to know if there is a support group in Liverpool and where and when is it held.
Hello Do

There are several groups in Liverpool. If you look at the black bar across the top of the page and click on local to you, on the next page click on find a local support group, then there is a bar where you can type in Liverpool and it will give you a list. Click on the best one for you and it will give you contact details.

Is there any way your mum's GP can get her an earlier appointment with the specialist? I am still in the early stages with only mild symptoms. It makes me despair how long people have to wait, sometimes for very hit and miss support.
Best wishes to you and your mum, keep posting, there are always people here.
hi do welcome to puk forum,im ali im 43 and i had pd 11 half years.sorry to hear your struggling with your mom,big hugs to say your mom has lost lot of weight,may be it a good idea to ask her gp if she can be prescribed for ensure drinks,they are givern by the gp,on regular basis and they have all the vitimins and things she needs to help her.