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Hi I am a 43year old male , married with a 12year old son . I am a self employed plumber and i was diagnosed with PD a year ago. I would love to hear from people in a similar position etc...
PLUMBER, hello and welcome to the forum.....

I hope you find all the help and support you are looking for within this site. There are many good kind people in the same boat as you are finding yourself in. Read through all the threads and if you need to the helpline no top left of the page you will find someone to talk with.

Keep posting please and let us all know how you are doing.

All the very best to you and your son

Radz x
Hi plumber

I was dx at 48 and it took me along time to come to terms with it. When I left the Hospital after just been told the news,I just broke down and cried, sat in my car for ages before driving home.
That was 5 years ago. You do learn to manage and adapt to the changes. (well no choice really)
Keep positive and enjoy spending time with your son, as kids are a great tonic. Don't let the PD stop you doing all the things you plan or intended to do before.
I wish you well and please let us know how you get on. Good information on the forum and plenty of good people willing to help with their advice.
love PB
Hello Plumber, welcome to the forum. I'm sure that you will find lots of support and learn more about pd. i look forward to chatting along the way.

Hi Plumber,
Welcome to the forum. I'm a 47 year old mom and wife. My daughter is 13. Was dx'ed in May, but tremor started about 8 years ago. Exercise is my med of choice for now. Working on improving diet and trying supplements. Forum helps to feel like you are not alone. Best wishes to you, Lin2