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Hello, I have just joined this forum to try to find some answers to questions. My mum is 86 and has had PD for several years. My brother is her full time carer but it is beginning to get too much for him, as the symptoms are now very unpredictable. So I am trtying to understand more about her condition to help them both. I think she is having the on / off phenomonon. The parkinson's nurse has told us to give her meds 30 mins before she needs to get going in the morning, but this seems to make her worse. I think she is 'switching off' about an hour after drugs. Do others experience this. I'll search through the forum discussions to see what others have mentioned. Thanks, Mary.
hi mary,

you dont say what meds your mum is on it sounds like she has complex pd which in other words it has become unpredictable, i was told by my consultant thats what i now have as i have off periods and dyskinisias so they have suggested the apomorphine pump which i am thinking about at the moment dont know if this would help your mum its worth asking your pd nurse about it, it pumps the meds round the body at regular intervals, good luck sue.
Hello mary bs ,Unfortunately PD is very hard to predict , there have been days
like today for instance, I was 98% immobile until within the last half hour, then
I started to pick up and I am 80% and improving it can be as quick as that, I have had all my drugs this morning but they failed to kick start my systems:frowning:now tomorrow hopefully will be the exact opposite and I will be up and running from 5.30 until bedtime, in short Mary PD is a vile complaint ,you
just think you have it pinned and it turns round and bites, sorry I am not giving you a easy picture, but you have to just keep fighting .