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Hi everyone, this is my first post as a new member. No idea what to expect, or if anyone is going to respond. Please let me know if anyone else is out there!!

Hi, Simon123! We're out here. I am in Oregon, enjoying the sunshine that is rather rare here. You may get responses from just about anywhere in the world. And if you want to discuss PD or have questions about it, you'll get answers from people who know a lot about the disease and have personal experience with it and the medications used to treat it. Welcome!

hi and best wishes:wink:

Hello and welcome to the forum :wink:

... and that's a "Hello" from me too, Simon.

Great to hear back from people, its reassuring to know that we've all got a lot in common!

hi, Blue Angel here . Just wanted to say "Hello And. welcome"I am sure you will have. No. Probs. Finding Friends or, info. Hee OnThe forum. have. Fun!

Big welcome, Simon, & remember you can post any worries or concerns 24 hours a day. They're is sure to be someone with pertinent advice [email protected] some fellow feeling. You're not alone. All's well.

Hi Simon123, I am a newbie too so obviously not sure how it all works but I think we will benefit greatly from our membership and the fact that other people understand. Good luck.

Thanks to you all for making me feel welcome. I've found myself checking the forum regularly so I feel like I know some of you already! Great way of keeping in contact with the world!!

Is it just me then? I CAN'T SLEEP!!

:rolling_eyes:hi they no am up as well n have a full day at work but you will get use to it good luck