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Hello, my name is sue and my dads 69 and just been diagnosed with Parkinson's, he's very I'll with it, he's unable to drive now and has had to give up his love if target shooting which he has done for over 40 years as he cannot hold the gun, my dads life has changed so much, he's in constant pain with his arms and shoulders he cannot sleep due to the pain and is sleeping in the chair and struggles to get out of this swell.
He also struggles with eating and has lost some weight his stomach has also swollen, and hes looking so old and frail, his voice has changed and its like he has given up, he's a very proud man and is embarrassed about tripping up so very rarley leaves the house, we live in Shropshire, we no there is a support group but my mums disabled and my dad was her main carer and now she not only has to cope with her self but dad too, lives so dam hard for them both, I'm helping out as much as I can, sorry to go on but just needed someone to talk yo xxx
your situation is very difficult and i sympathise.
is your dad on any medication?
it doesnt sound as though its doing much good yet.
Hi there so sorry to hear of ur plight but have you thought of pd nurse or social devices they might help hope it gets better
Hi, Sue, and welcome to the forum!
I echo what turnip said above. Since your dad has just recently gotten a dx, it may take time to find the right combination and doses of medications to alleviate his various discomforts. Also, it often takes us pwp a long time to accept our lot in life; it seems so unfair and so frightening at first. I remember wanting to withdraw from the world, too.

My sympathy is with you and your mother -- you sound like a wonderful daughter. Our care giving plans don't always work out. My husband was going to be my carer when my PD advanced. Instead, he died of cancer last year, and I am now helping care for my 94-year-old mother, who had a seriously debilitating stroke two months ago. Surprise!

Best of luck to all of you -- and you will probably get more helpful information from other, more knowledgeable forum members. I've learned a lot from these folks!
Hi tutusue,
My Dad is 69 too. He was diagnosed 2 years ago. He has had dosage changes on his medication, with no effect.Now he is trying another drug too(he`s currently on 16 tablets a day)which although it`s early days seems to be having an effect.I`m cautiously optimistic.
My Dad`s legs are his biggest problem. He had his first good nights sleep in ages last night.
The consultant told him it`s one of the trickiest conditions to treat, because of the varying symptoms people have,and it can take some time to find the medication best suited to that individual.
I hope your Dad finds the right one for him soon.
Contacting the parkinsons nurse was very helpful,she got his appointment moved forward.
All the best JuLu