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Hi everyone,I've been affected by three different health problems in the last four years including what I'm told is 'Parkinsonism'.Each of the problems is monitored regularly and 'in hand'.The difficulty is that none of them has a known cause and none of them has a cure with any degree of certainty.
Bells Palsy and Prostate Cancer are the other two, and have been treated well but with no certainty.
I'm 62 and I work part time, with and around GP doctors and am encouraged to get fitter and lose some weight.This definitely helps and I'm not very far overweight.
My main concern is that I don't want to be 'Labelled'when nobody can say with any certainty what is wrong.
I'm very happy in myself and my Wife,who also has some health problems, is very supportive and we help each other as far as possible.
My GP has summed up my situation to date and my intention is to continue fitness training to eleviate my symptoms.
Thanks for reading, I would be interested in others' experiences and also hope to be of use to them.
Hi Woody, I just wanted to say , welcome to the Forum. Love BA x
Hi my name is Lisa. My partner has Parkinson's. He is only 56, I'm 42. This is going to sound so selfish but all I want to do is look after him and take care of him but its like he is denial that he needs looking after. I have spent today sorting out bills and I feel so angry at the minute. But I rang the helpline and spoke to a lovely lad who made me realise its better to chat and its ok to get upset when you love someone so much x