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Hi I am new to this site as my husband has just been diagnosed with Parkinsons.
I am hoping to gather as much information as I can in order to support him. We are both 57yrs old and this has come as a total shock since he has already beaten cancer and has also undergone open heart surgery. We are both of a positive attitude and intend to stay that way. His main concern at the moment is whether he may lose his licence. Thanks for listening. Jess123
Hi Jess123,
Ref the driving license, assuming you're in the UK you can go to the DVLA Website and download a PD specific form to print off, if you haven't already of course. My driving license only lasts three years at a time courtesy of PD.

Unless your Neuro declares your hubby as unfit to drive by virtue of PD My guess is the license should be safe, the form should give you a pretty good idea.

Still on a motoring theme don't forget to let your insurers know just in case. Ours didn't seem worried about PD in the slightest and the premium didn't change.

Regards Tractorman.
Hi I can relate to what you are asking. We informed DVLA as you are supposed to do by law and filled in the form online which they then sent a form to the doctor and nuerologist for them to fill in. Hubby had his licence revoked which came as a shock and we had to appeal for it to be reinstated which it was after four months. He is now on a yearly review. It was only revoked as the nuerologist we saw at the same time said my hubby was falling asleep which was not due to PD but to him taking so many painkillers after back op but he forgot to put that on the form so he was very helpful in getting the licence back for him. Usually you are put on a 1 2 or 3 year licence and have medicals to say you are still okay on driving. He had to go for a driving test to ascertain whether he was safe to be on the roads which he sailed through. Hope this helps.
Hi Jess and a warm welcome to the forum
I was dx 7 years ago at age 39 and I worried about my driving licence too. My experience is much like tractorman's. I expected all sorts of grief and got quite unsettled but there was nothing to worry about. The whole thing depends on what your neuro and/or GP say. If they tell you that you are fit to drive then in my experience nobody will stop you. Download form PK1 from the DVLA website & send off. Like most of us my licence has 3 years validity subject to medical review. None of the insurers I have dealt with have batted an eyelid about PD.

On a different note it is worth checking if you have critical illness cover eg on a mortgage. Some policies have time limits for claiming after a diagnosis.

I hope you get as much support from this forum as I have done

hi as elegant fowl has said check your policies as most critical illness is covered with PD and check any cover for illness or redundancy. I had cover in case I was of work long term sick and was paid out iIIness due to breast cancer but declared my PD so i would be able to claim from that as well now it looks like I will be retiring due to iII health I should be able to claim until i am 60yrs I am 53yrs old at present. hope that helps and I am on a 3yr licence so get in touch with the DVLA they are very good and understanding.
Thankyou so much for your replies
it really does help to know that your not alone with your worries and concerns. best wishes jess123
hiya jess ,welcome to puk forum,im ali and i been dx for 12 years,im 43 years sorry to hear about hubby has to contend with pd,and has had poor health in the past,i no wot it like to try beat the big c to,it not nice time.i lost my licince when i had pd at 6 years,but that was down to not just pd other health issues goin on,the pd side of things was lack of cornadation,and meds even if they been changed twice,i was still braking to late and hitting the curb.i no this you may not wont to hear,but im just explainin my side,but thing is jess we are all differnt with parky,and some people still driving with it at 10 years that i no from my pd group.all you and hubby can do is have a good chat with neurolgist and gp,and a good chat your self with hubby ,how he feels with in him self.
Hi jess welcome to the 53 dx last November,yes it's a big shock.i told dvla that I'd got pd but felt I was fit to drive so they went Tito my doctor and Neuologist for info and I ot a three year renewal licence.but it takes time to come through and yes you can still drive till it does.painkillers made me drop to sleep instantly even though not off painkillers but in alot of pain trying to get driving again.if your husband has any problemsv tell him to come on here.there are lots of friendly people to give you would be surprised what knock on effects pd can cause.ive had bells palsey since April which is facial and head muscle going into spasms and does it came on all of a sudden similar to a stroke.sorry didn't want to worry you it is firly rare.but tell your husband to try not to get stressed believe me it can make you tremble more,give you pain and dizzynessf and always check side effects of medication on the net.being positive is the best medication.
also plan what you were going to do in your retirement and do it now.i have.