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Hi All,
This is my first venture into this forum, so let me introduce myself.
I am 53 years old, married with 2 grown up children who are both married.
I was diagnosed with Parkinson's on 4th of March 2012.
Although this was devastating news to my wife and I when told by my neurologist, we both suspected this was the case for a while because of the symptoms I was displaying.
I had had a tremor in my right hand and arm for some time which worsened visibly towards the end of 2011 which made me seek specialist advice.
Getting a name to what I was experiencing was actually a weight off my shoulders after the initial shock and now I am taking Levodopa 4 times a day and hopefully I will improve with this drug regime.
I am still in full time employment and am determined Parkinson's will not rule mine, or my family's lives.
Does anyone else have tremor and twitching up into the shoulder and also lower back pain?
Hello Lentil

A big welcome to the forum . You will find good advice from many lovely people and great support from the forum.
I was dx at the age of 48 and that was 6 years ago now. Still working but at times fatigue does take hold making my days off a period of rest and sleep. take care and hope to see you around the forum.

Love PB X
hi lentil
lower back pain is sometimes caused by bad posture caused by pd - remember all that stupid advice from 45 years ago - sit up straight, shoulders back etc - well nows the time to take it seriously, especially driving, at the computer etc. i know cause i'm doing it right now - head forward, neck tensed, shoulders hunched - all putting pressure on the lower back. some general stretching exercises might help too - not of the lower back but everywhere else - legs , arms, shoulders, neck.

apologies if too much advice.

Hello Lentil

Sometimes yoga or pilates willhelp with the lower back pain and other aches that come along. I remember when I was first diagnosed the feeling of relief that now I know what it is. Stay positive and keep posting, there are lots of people here who can help.
hiya lentil welcome to puk forum,im ali been dx for 11 half years,im 43 years old,there lots of surport here,and nice friends to be have the correct thinkin pattern,dont let the disease rule you,you rule the disease:smile:ive had lower back pain for quite a while now,but it hard for me to say which part is pd connected,cus i have athritus of the spine,and disc and verterbre problems.i would say for pain with pd though,exercise is the best thing,and of course meds,but exercise plays a imprtant part in pd tryin to keep your self movin,so you not siffern up so much.i no it causes fatigue,but if you pase your self through the day,you get to no your own body ,i have found.your on the correct meds for tremer,nown as the gold standard med,im that one to,ive still got a trmor,me neuro told me no meds will stop a tremor,only will it slow it down.anywaylentil,nice to see you here,and hope to see more of you around the forum,if there is anything you would like to no,please dont hesitate to ask on the forum,we all in the same boat and we will surport you as much as possible,there is the helpline for guidence also,who have wonderful people just the end of the phone,good luck x:smile:
Hello Lentil,
Welcome to the forum, as you see already you have plenty of people willing to help in one way or another.
Tai Chi is also very good for people with PD, please do a positive attitude as that is so important.
Hope to see you around again
best wishes
Hi again All.
Thanks for your replies of welcome and advice.
As new to this, hope I am posting this in right place as still trying to get to grips with navigating the forum.
You will see me about a lot I am sure as time goes by and I get more comfortable with getting about the forum.