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Hi, My name is Rose and I am a 66 yrs old female diagnosed with Parkinsons on 30th January 2013. I have responded very well to the Madopar medication which has all but completely stopped the tremors. However, I have noticed that recently I seem to be stumbling a few times each day which is knocking my confidence a bit. Also, over the last few days have been experiencing very painful muscles and very heavy legs not to mention the extreme tiredness. I actually have had to lie down for a while and rest which is something I normally just dont do. Is this connected to the Parkinson's? I try to keep as active as possible and continue doing the things I have always done, ie walking, household chores, meeting friends etc.
Hello and welcome, rose1946!

I chose J of Grey Cottage as my forum name, but I could have chosen Janice1946. We were born in the same year, but I was diagnosed in 2002 and had symptoms as far back as 1997. Since I'm in the U.S., the names of our medications are different, so I won't comment on that. Others on this forum are highly knowledgeable about PD meds and will give you great information, I'm sure.

But the stumbling and muscular pain you mention sound familiar; those are symptoms in many pwp. I have found that certain shoes cause me to stumble more frequently than others and have gotten rid of the troublemakers. I think I'm just not lifting my feet high enough sometimes and remembering to step heel first. If I wear lightweight, close-fitting shoes, the problem goes away.

It sounds as if you are doing the right things, especially keeping active. And I must say that for someone dx so recently, you seem to have a remarkably good, positive attitude already! I wish you the best with this beast. After 16 years, I am still living more or less my normal life; PD moves very slowly for a lot of us, fortunately. Good luck!
welcome. i get the heavy legs and tiredness too. its a nuisance isnt it! i have to pace myself. bowen therapy helps me with fatigue.
Welcome to the forum, Rose. I too was dx in Jan this year, but I think I have been found early, when I was 45. One of my earliest symptoms was daytime fatigue and needing to rest in the day. So the tiredness you describe definitely goes hand in hand with PD. I'm on different drugs to you but some drugs can help the fatigue and I guess others may have tiredness as a side-effect, especially if sleep patterns are also altered, like mine. Welcome again and all the best.
Welcome, Rose!

I was diagnosed in January too, and am 56. The tiredness was something that has come on me since say November last year, and now I have catnaps or even go to bed for a while. My neurologist suggested catnaps too.

I don’t take Madopar or any levodopa medication just yet, but the dopamine agonist I am on (Sifrol ER) does cause “somnolence”. I sure as eggs will nod off in front of the tele these days, and on the light rail into Portland, whereas I didn’t do that last year (till Nov).

Today I met a new friend with PD (had it for 8 years), and the fatigue is one of his worst problems, to the extent that he may give up driving soon. He pulls over when he is tired to take a nap. If he gets a good night’s sleep he is fine, but if not then he has a bad day.

Good luck! You seem to have the right attitude!:smile:
Hi Rose

I am 55 year old and dig in 2010 but have had hand cramps since 1999, I still work 30 hours a week and try to do what i want to but have to rest in between so if i go to town today I have to find somewhere to sit for 20 mins every hour or so. tomorrow night i have a party to go to so todaY im at home finding things to do that dont tier me to much. this way I do most of the things i whant to but have had to stop rushing around like i used to. It still grates on me that i have to aske for other peoples help but i now accept it. I am not going to give up just yet. Instead of going on long walks I now do needlework just as enjoyable, and i still go on those walks with my husband even though i take a wheelchair with me for when im to tierd to walk any more, good luck with the future. sorry about the typing im not to good today
Thank you all so much for your comments. I definitely feel a whole lot better having read them. It makes such a difference knowing other people understand what I mean when I say I am totally fatigued. The muscle cramps are so painful at times and I am still trying to come to terms with the fatigue and the stumbling but, let's face it, it could be worse. Thank you again.