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Hi everyone my name is Anne i turned 50 last month and was diagnosed with parkinsons last june. I have visited this site many many times but never had the courage to post. I am just starting to realise that this condition is not going away. My family are great especially my husband but i find it hard to really express my feelings to them. I am looking for a local group in South Wales valleys that hold evening yogo or similar classes as i think this may help with my aches and pains. Thanks

Welcome to the forum. I hope you keep posting and get as much support from this place as I have had over the last couple of years.

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Hi Annepan,

Just to say hello and welcome to the forum. I am 73 and live in the Midlands but I am sure you will be getting lots of replies from your area and people of working age.. As far as I am concerned Yoga is good for what ails you in general and in particular helps with balance and with stretching muscles inclined to stiffen with PD.. Yoga and also Tai Chi tick a lot of boxes including your mental wellbeing. I also do Nordic Walking, one to one and half hour sessions, and apart from a general workout of the whole body it helps to lengthen the stride and improves your posture.

Lots of empathy and useful advice to be had here

Best wishes

Hello Annepan and welcome . which area of South Wales do you live in .I live Nr Newport but am a valley girl , or I should say I was Lol.

If I can be of any help you can get in touch with me . It's my husband who has the Parkinsons although if one has it you both live with it .

I am sure you find this site a great help and has a men of information that everyone wants to share and help with .

Welcome Annepan. I'm 46, dx in Jan this year but am a bit far away in Gloucestershire. I've just started a new Tai Chi class which seems helpful. I also use trekking poles when walking the dog, on advice from my physio to help reinstate arm swimg and improved gait and posture. I hope you find a local class to join as it seems exercise is the key to staving off increasing symptoms.

Good morning Annepan,as you can see I cant sleep:disappointed:so I thought I would drop you a post welcoming you to this FIRSTCLASSFORUM, sorry about that I get a bit silly at times. You will find many friends here and can learn so much, and gain so many Buddies who after a while it seems you have known them for years.
I am 62 and Married to Lorraine , two Daughters Sarah and Jennifer and five
wee uns, Josh ,Chris ,Matty, Jane and Joe, great kids.I live in Nortumberland, and was dxd, back in 99,I used to operate excavators of varied types 40Ton Dump trucks etc, but had to take early retirement when PD struck.
Well I am going to have some hot chocolate see if I can get off to sleep.
Night Night Annepan, and welcome.
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