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Hi everyone. I am 75 and have been diagnosed with PD for the last two years. Powers that be are still experimenting with my medication Reading the forum its great to see so many helpful and cheery people out there. One of the medications I take is Neupro - Rotigotine Patches. These have got to be kept refridgerated. I have booked a holiday In Thailand and wonder how to manage on the 12 hour aircraft journey. Anyone experienced this problem in the past ?


Hi there chunky

Welcome. Great name, by the way!

I am sure some members here will have advice and tips for you. Remember also that the drugs company itself has its 'Medical Information Direct Line' for people using their patches. The number is 01753 447 690.

Good luck.


Chunky hello and welcome to the forum. Best place for your patches is to put them in your checked in luggage and stowed in the hold which is very cold. If you need to change patches during your flight keep those in one of those cool bags and have them in your hand luggage. Hope this helps and have a great time in Thailand, I love it there.

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Hi Chunky and welcome :grin:
I used cool packs for my patches when travelling any long distance. If you get the jelly type it should'nt be a problem to take on board during flight. Beware that the patches should not be exposed to direct sunlight once placed on your skin, so if you've any notion of going skinny dipping make sure its night time or cover up :grin:
I Dont take them now as i found they created a rash on my skin.
Have a good holiday and let us know how you got on :grin:
Hi Chunky,

I have no experience of this and this might be a ridiculous suggestion, but I wondered whether a small coolbag would be of any use (like you use on a picnic to keep beer and wine cool (just a thought, although my husband reckons I'm not designed for thinking!) I know you can get quite small ones which possibly might be allowed as hand luggage.

Hi there Chunky, welcome to the forum. I'm new to the forum too, even though I've been diagnosed for five years!
I am also a diabetic and so have experience of trying to keep my insulin cool on a long flight. There are cool packs available on diabetic shopping site. There is a small gel pack which would probably do the job. I was told by my Parky nurse that you can keep the patches out of the fridge for several days with no harm.

Whilst on the subject of Neupro, has any one found that they work better on certain parts of the body?
I've had a few bad days this last couple of weeks. Days when it's like I've had no meds, ( I have complex stage pd) since having the patches I have been better except when the pd out grows the dosage and I have to have the dose increased. I'm finding or at least thinking the patches work best for me if I wear them on my legs, I think, as I've been wearing them on my arms for four days and things seem worse. Any comments anyone?
Cooee AB where's your cheery voice today, are you having a bad day, I hope not but we do have them so ride the storm and come out the other side carrying the trophy!!!!
Hi everyone, thanks for the warm welcome to the forum. I will let you know how things go. looking forward to meeting you all in some other part of the forum.
Thanks Luis for the number. Contacted the firms help line and found them very unhelpful - would only pass further info to doctor or pharmasist. Luckily I have a helpful pharmasist who ccontacted the help line and gained the info that the patches can be kept out of a fridge for up to seven days without harm providing that they are kept in as cool a place as possible away from direct source of heat and direct sunlight. Patches should be then placed in fridge as soon as posssible
Thanks everyone for their suggestions.
My husband has been using The patches for a year . He does get redness of the skin and sometimes it will blister . He has particulary sensitive skin . I think a lot of Partks sufferers have the same problem .. I find the best thing to use is SUDACREME .

They tell you to keep it out of the sun/heat but the body can get warm ..