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Hello ,
I am Karen Barbara as a new member in this forum. I want to discuses and learn about more.. I also across this step very soon.

Welcome to the forums, I am sure you will find lots of helpful people and advice, just ask away


Welcome pinknpretty Ninja61 is right, there is lots of help and advice here.  Lots of laughs too if you look in the social section and that does cheer up a grey day.

Hiya the name big grinwelcome to the forum, you have certainly come to the right place for a chat, support or as hatknitter says go onto the social forum for games and giggles. we are all here for one another, keep posting

best wishes


welcome pinknpretty


Hi pinknpretty another welcome to the forum from me!




I am a new member to the forum. My father father was diagnosed with PD 6yrs ago at the age of 49 and is in terrible pain with a new medication he is taking. He has suffered a stroke some years ago and thus makes him very sensitive to PD meds. Has anyone else experienced this before or had a stroke previous to PD diagnosis?

Look forward to hearing from you x 

Hi Noodle81...........and welcome to the forum......i am sorry to hear about your Father and the suffering he is going through, i am sure he must have spoken to his PD nurse regarding the amount of pain he is having? I have no knowledge of a stroke before PD but i am sure that there will be someone here that will be able  to help you and give you reassurance. You will get plenty of support from our members and i hope your Dad soon finds some help with this.

Keep posting and my warmest wishes to you



Hi Noodle81

I suffered a mini stroke just prior to finding out I had PD - this was known as a bleed to the brain - I feel sure that had some connection with my diagnosis. In fact I thought the initial symptoms were that of a stroke - shaking of left hand drag on left leg - I thought they had got my PD diagnosis wrong. It came as a shock. But luckily I have had no problems with the medication I am on Ropinirole 6mg per day.

Hope your dad is soon sorted out with some meds that suit him because everyone is different, I am sure the PD nurse or your dads consultant can help him out, or you can phone the help line at the top of the page for some advice.


Regards Sheila