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I have my pd for about six years I wake every couple of hours and to take half a pill to move I wish I could sleep continuously

Yes, it’s a pain isn’t it? I used to be able to sleep for England, but now the only place I’m guaranteed to drop off is in front of the telly. Do you think your meds need tweaking? I have to say I started sleeping much better once we’d added rasagiline to the pramipexole.

titch - dont you have slow release meds for throughh the night?
i have same problem. nurse says i probably wake myself up to turn over! I find now i ve accepted its what i do and stopped fretting about it i go bsck to sleep much quicker. its a nuisance though..i get tired about 4pm then!
hi Turnip I did not know about slow release meds what are they? Ticht

my pd nurse has suggested the patch as well as my meds has anyone tried this. titch

Hi Titch, I had same problem sleeping.

My PD nurse gave me co beneldopa slow release. (SR was mentioned by Turnip). I now sleep for England.

Not everyone is the same so it might just be me......I now have Rip Van Winkle syndrome. LOL