New on here . Awaiting confirmation of pd

Was reffured to a neurologist by my gp I have a hand tremor with painful shoulder and wrist
Well I seen the neurologist on Thursday he did lots of tests . Toe to heel walking which I failed big time had to put my arms out straight close my eyes and had to count backwards from twentyat first my tremor had gone but by time I reached 15 the tremor was back . Don’t swing my arm when walying loads of questions and he then said it all posts to early parkinsons but because I don’t have the gait he isn’t sure
I had bloods done and he has arranged a brain scan and he has put me on trihexyphenidyl. To try help with my tremor . I am feeling so confused

Hi @Parky2,

A warm welcome to the forum.

It’s completely normal to feel confused at this stage of your diagnosis, however, you’ve definitely made the right decision in joining the forum. We have a ‘newly diagnosed’ section on our website which has a lot of information and support to help you which you can find here,

If you’d like to speak to someone about your medication or if you have any other burning questions then you can always speak to one of our friendly advisers via our helpline on 0808 800 0303.

Hope you find this information useful.

Best wishes,

Hi parky welcome all i will say is don,t panic and don,t go overboard reading too much info take things 1 step at a time and if diagnoses is pd make sure you get details of your local pd nurse as you will find their support invaluable iknow it,s scarey i,ve been the same even tho,i,m9th member of my family with pd sadly only 1 still alive stay posative

Thank you I will have a look at the newly diagnosed page
I been taking the medication he put me on but before I went on them I felt fine but now after taking g them I feel awful and my tremor is still there :confused:x

The neurologist I seen was amazing and really made me feel at ease
I have to ring him as soon as I have my brain scan and he will arrange a appointment to see him again . At first he said it may be a side effect from medication I been taking but then when he did the testsame he said he didn’t think it was as straightforward as that . He put me on trihexyphenidyl but everything I have read about that isn’t very reassuring Thank you for your reply x

Hi P2.
It’s a frightening time but stay positive.
I’m no doctor but yes your symptoms would seem to suggest Parkinson’s.
Getting your meds right can be quite traumatic but BE PUSHY.
If something is not working then tell your GP.
Time spent taking meds that aren’t working is time wasted.
Parkinson’s isn’t the end of your life. It’s just a new chapter.
I have found out so much about myself ( and about friends and relatives) since my diagnosis.
So much of the crap that we have to deal with on a daily basis isn’t worth giving precious time to.
I still get tied up in stupid stuff at times , but I have learned that I have to love myself properly and not suffer fools if I want a comfortable life.
Good luck with everything.

Hi there. Sorry to hear of your sufferings and the turmoil. You don’t give your age but hint at being young to get it. The right Meds will give you some relief but at this stage you’ll get more from trying PD Warrior classes which are designed to make you move in BIG, EXAGERRATED movements which really improves your well being. Your local group may also have a WAGS section for those that are still of Working Group Age so you can communicate with sufferers of your own age. The advice on BEING PUSHY and loving yourself is so true. My husband could see myself tying myself in knots mentally and suggested I give myself a day off from Parkinson’s once a week so on a Friday I don’t have it and that’s still the case. I think it saved my sanity and has allowed me to eventually accept things more calmly. On the med front if the first lot doesn’t work then there are others to try and the branded ones do differ from the cheaper generics (white boxed) ones, usually it’s the coating, so if the branded version works better for you then fight for it because you’re worth it. Often the generics are made in the same labs as the generics! It’s all about saving money but not if they don’t wrk for you. Good luck Parky2.

Its very easy to be overwhelmed at first by the diagnosis and believe that the future is bleak.

I was diagnosed 14 years ago when I was 43 - and I am still going strong. Keep positive and keep on this forum, there are an awful lot of people in the same position as you and it helps to know that others have been through the same emotions on diagnosis.

I don’t belong to a formal local group, but have linked up with a couple of fellow Parkies who live locally. We are a great source of information and hope for each other. Its really good to be able to talk to someone who truly understands how you are feeling.

Good luck and keep smiling.