New on here carer for my wife

hello im new on here my wife as pd dinosed oct 2012 we find it very hard to get help and her doctors dont know much about pd  finding it very hard to get her tablets  and saturday they gave her wrong dosege which was ten times stronger then what she should of had made her very ill and a night in hospital my wife gets upset talking about pd and i fill so helpless at times that i cant take the symtoms away for her 


             You will get help from the Parkinson Helpline,details are on the website,do you not have a Parkinson Nurse locally,they are very good,also you usually get a lot of good advice from this forum.Hope this may helpsmile

Hello Family Man

I am so sorry to read how helpless you feel.  I am sure your wife doesn't feel that at all  and is just delighted that she has you to care for her.  

I would recommend you try to find out if there is a Parkinson's nurse in your area and if so I know you will get much help and support from them.

Perhaps you could persuade your wife to take part in the forum and then she could chat with many of us who are experiencing all the trials and tribulations which go with this condition.

I was also diagnosed in 2012 and I expect like me your wife is only just beginning to accept the diagnosis and  once that has happened it becomes easier to deal with the everyday events.

My best wishes to you both and keep in there and make new friends on the forum.

Polly M



Welcome to the forum, family man!

The online name you chose says a lot.  Your post shows what a compassionate person you are and how much you care for your wife.  I think Polly M is right:  it takes time to adjust to a diagnosis as serious as PD, and after a patient reaches that point of acceptance, the load feels lighter.  Don't despair.  When you get helpful advice either online or from a PD nurse, it will make a big difference in your outlook.

Also, for most of us PD is a slow-moving disease.  I have had it 16 years and am still living a relatively normal, certainly active life.  Many symptoms can be controlled once you find the right combination and dosages of medications.

Best wishes in your efforts!

Thanks for your replys