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Hi, I was diagnosed 2 and a half years ago but had symptoms long before that without realising. I had left it that late to seek help I couldn’t write, no sense of smell,terrible balance and dragging my foot. I shook all over and my anxiety was through the roof. I have been on sinamet and sinamet slow release very successfully. Most of my symptoms are now moderately controlled but my biggest problems are depression, night mares, still got balance problems, still no smell and leg jerks.
I am desperately trying to find a partner, I have been single for many years but now feel lonely and would love to meet my soul mate. Can anybody tell me if you think I am being stupid trying to start a relationship with a degenerative illness. I don’t know how long the Sinamet will work for. I also have to have a stick to walk with and I can’t wear heels any more. I look after my appearance and some days quite cheerful,

Hi Chris,
I don’t think you’re stupid for thinking about a relationship. I guess you just need to go to the right places to find someone who respects you and loves you for who you are. You are more than an illness. I say go for it!

hi , im keith
dont let our parkinsons hold you back
its apart of us
go for it , you have everything to gain and nothing to loose
you dont actually find love , love finds you and in a person who will see past your condition
i dont know your age and i wont ask
cross tomorrows bridges when you get there
dont hide your heart
if you bury it , you wont find it when you need it most
theres only 2 things in life that you can count on
1, you are born
2 you die
everything in between is a gamble
you get one life , LIVE it

take care

Hi Divine 1 and Keith,

Thank you for your supportive replies. I am a young 62 ha If I succeed I will come back on and let you know

This site does help sharing topics and problems with like minded people