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Hello there I am relieved that I can introduce myself to this forum. I am married, 67 years of age. two grown up children four grand kids. Still running a moderatly successful motor servicing business. My wife and daughter are my scaffold at work. I'm an avid motorcyclist my oldest grandson rides out with me on his bike often. I ride out most Thursdays (weather permitting) with what I call my vintage club friends, half of them older than I.
About four years ago when I realised I had something happening to me healthwise and after a bit of internet reseach I went to my GP persuaded her to send me to a specialist Parkinsons Consultant.
When diagnosed I was a bit relieved. Previousley I thought I may have had a more difficult complaint to deal with. However I have noticed recently a few changes and am getting on ok adapting to them. but wonder how I will cope in the future.

Welcome to the forum Bikeman. Sounds like you're doing well and keeping positive with your supportive family around you. I'm only recently diagnosed too in Jan this year at 45yrs old and like you felt some relief that it wasn't something worse. I had been fearing a cerebellar tumour! Anyway I'm sure you'll find the forum very helpful and friendly, I certainly have.

Hi Bike Man,Hi Silverkins, I am sorry , but I have to disagree somewhat. Both of you are relatively new to PD. I speak from experience,I was diagnosed 33 years ago, and I have had it longer than that. At first it was almost nothing I couldn't cope with but now, some mornings I wish it would all just go away. I am not saying everyone who has PD will be really bad, or hardly notice it.You have to be prepared to manage things if it gets worse. I believe mine is getting worse and I fear I know what my alternatives will be in a couple of years. But, on the other hand, it may not get to that stage.

All I am saying is be ready for whatever happens in the future.I am lucky ,I have my children, now grown up and a husband and some fantastic friends. I see a really good Parkinsons nurse, and my GP is great too.

You may be lucky and it may not get that bad, but on the other hand. All I am saying is be prepred for whatever your future holds.

Hi Blue Angel,

I hope you don't mind my asking you? at what age were you when you were dx?
sounds as if you were very young? you must of had to carry on regardless bringing up your family, and carrying on with every day living, whilst suffering with PD,you sound like a very strong and determined person to me, good on you for getting through such difficult times, and for such a long time!!! love hols x

Hi Hols, I used to be a nurse, and I knew I had symptoms of PD at about 19 or 20 years old, but I didn't want to give up the job I adored, and I managed to carry on. Yes, I have always been very strong willed and I got married at 19 years,had my son when I was 21 and my daughter when I was 23. By which time doctors noticed I wasn't coping as well as I should and it all came out. Apparently I have the inherited type of PD which I inherited from my fraternal Grandmother. I have been divorced and married again. I am now 62 years old, my children are both grown up and married and I have 4 Grandchildren.

I have had to submit to the PD and suffer from bad dyskensia. i don't walk very well but get out and about on a mobility scooter.but at least I feel I have a life.
Love BA x

Welcome, Bike man! As you see already, all of us have different experiences to relate about the same disease. I am 67 and have had PD at least 15 years. I guess I am one of the lucky ones in that I responded well to medications once I started on them, am able to exercise a lot, and have so far maintained a positive attitude overall. My life has not changed significantly; I do all I used to do, including playing the piano. Of course, it IS a progressive disease and I realize I won't always be this strong. Also, about a year ago I lost my potential caregiver when my husband died of cancer. But we all manage to carry on. I think you'll enjoy the forum and I'm sure you'll get lots of information from various viewpoints.