New One

Hi everyone,

Dx'd last November and am finding my way around pd slowly. Hard to know some days whether it is pd that is affecting mood/activities. Am diabetic so some symptoms could be either. It seems like a positive attitude is essential to deal with this interesting condition so I am looking forward rather than back; optimism needs to be the overriding feeling. Hope to be interactive on the Forum as there's so much to learn. It's good to be here!

David John
Welcome! I'm new to the Forum also. Your comments sound like an echo of my own. I tell everyone that optimism and exercise are the two most important treatments for PD. I've had it 15 years and am still living my normal life. Research on brain secretions seems to back up our belief in a positive attitude.

Also, telling PD from other influences is still hard for me. Just when I'm blaming PD for an aching joint or difficulty getting up from playing with a grandchild on the floor, my older sister (non-PD) mentions her own sore joints or lack of agility.

Anyway, it sounds as if you have accepted the situation and will do well over the coming years. Best wishes!
A warm welcome to the forum to both of you!

Have a lovely weekend.

Hi, My name is Blue Angel. Welcome to the ,ad house! Sorry, of course, I mean ,FORUM. It is extremely helpful. Everyone is very nice, very helpfiul and very friendly. WELCOME.