New research news!

Im not getting my hopes up here but does this look very promising ?? maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel ??.... well at least it gives us some hope of an end of our nightmare we call PD........What you think my fellow parkinsonians ??........reading this has definitley put a spring in my shuffling step this morning hahaha ill be falling on my welsh derrière if im not careful but hope is a good thing rite ??

Hugh aka Welshbearuk
The Shakey Parkinson1an
((hugs)) & Be Safe Everyone.....
Sorry had a blonde moment then lol im an excitable kind of guy hahaha.......this what i think looks promising
Let's hope!!
I can see the chink of light .
aybe they have been barking up the wrong tree all the time
An interesting read and very much in line with my thinking - as posted under the research section in the forum
very interesting and lets hope their trials are very successful!
Out of interest, does anybody have any recollection of a fall directly compressing the spine? Anywhere in your past is okay just try and remember whether this may apply to you.
I fell very badly down some tenement stone steps in Edinburgh. As far as timing is concerned this could well be relevant. I also have some "bulging" at C3/C4 and C6/C7.
The trouble is that I no longer know what is relevant and what is not.
Hello mrs t.
I fell off a stool when I was about eleven - I remember - it hurt. I was playing off the ground tig with my brother!

I have had back pain on and off for most of my life. The one drug that really helped was called Vioxx but that was taken out of circulation due to links with heart attacks.

I am suffering with my back - right now. I have not been able to move comfortably for days. Is this p.d. or arthritis or something else to worry about??

abdolutley mrs t
so many theories, perhaps all we can do is wait and see, the truth will out.
the most dangerous steps in edinburgh are those down to basement georgian flats - worn sandstone, potplants, macrame, dream-catchers and moss.