New symptom?

I have been experiencing a new symptom (I guess)....I awake at night, and my mouth and throat are completely dry, so much that I gasp for air -as I must take off my cpap mask (used for breathing) and get out of bed. I am not sleeping with my mouth open, which I know could cause this, as using a cpap machine, I must keep my mouth shut, for it to work.

So, my question is: Is dry mouth another symptom of Parkinson's? I am not yet dx, and plan to speak to my PD nurse about my other problems...should I mention this also? :confused:
Nonna - I really do not know if a dry mouth is a symptom of pd, but I do know that you are lucky to have a pd nurse whilst not diagnosed with pd. I should certainly mention it to her.
Hi. I suffer from the dryness a lot, but I'm told it's a side effect of the medication, not of the Parkinson's itself.
i have had dehydration problems recently which i think are drug related as Ray says.
I think dehydration contributes a lot to blood pressure and constipation problems - i think health profs need to take more notice of this aspect when starting people on drugs.
i find that water is less effective than fizzy drinks as water tends to not remain in the system for long -somthing to do with electrolytes?
anyway, i think dehydration is underrated as a cause of health problems.
nonna,agin im told dry mouth comes from certain meds.but strange thing is i seem to have lot of saliva durnin the nite,i kinda dribble on the pillow,i no it sounds yukky ,but i really it bizzare wot to think really.if you have a pd nurse or even when u see ur neuro agin ,rite it down and ask them ,i will ask mine also,and lets ee if were told the same things,it be intrestin to see wot they both come up with ,wont it.x and nonna ,ihope ur ok,and u had alovley xmas and all babys are fine to x:smile:
hello....thank you, everyone for your replies.....well, I'm not on meds yet, so it can't be that....perhaps it is a symptom of PD. I will ask the nurse...see what she thinks. It makes it harder to breathe,when it happens.

Yes, I do have a PD nurse, even tho the doc has not given me a dx. He did say that it was "possible" that I have PD. Seeing my breathing problem stated on the PD websites as a symptom tho I think may get the doc to agree it must be PD. There are moments when I'm having trouble I can see its aggravating O/h, as he does not think its a real problem....I'm just wanting sympathy. I just want to breathe ok, and feel good! So, I have days when I just have to soldier on, and keep it to I guess everyone on here does,too.

We are in the midst of a house crisis today...our furnace is on the fritz....o/h is trying to fix it. Its only about 40 yrs old! So, we've no heat/hot water....and its going down to 20* tonite. Once this repair is done, we need to finish cleaning his clutter, so we can get a new one put in....oh, joy....looks like a great start to the New year....
thanks again....will see what the nurse says.... :smile:
We were told dry mouth was caused by Sinemet , and Amitriptyline I daresay other meds don't help either . Are you finding thet your mouth falls open a lot , your eyes get dry or run .you say you drool . Parkinsons affects the muscle .
Generally you do not blink or swallow as much .

At night my husband sleeps with his mouth open all the time and his breathing is bizarre .His mouth is very dry .

To help keep it clean I make up a gargle of Bi Carb in water , and bathe his eyes with a drop of baby oil and soap in warm water . cold tea bags are good for runny eyes .
They do sell a dry mouth spray and sweets in Boots . Possibly get it from the chemist.