New to forum, 6 years with PD

Hi there
Although I have just joined the forum I have been diagnosed with PD for 6 years.
I have just given up work and find I that my time is taken up experimenting with different crafts. I will try as many crafts as I can, which I find it makes me use my fine motor skills and keeps my right hand active. Some people with Parkinson's are creative and like to express it in many different ways, either physically or mentally. Is there anyone out there using creative ways to keep their mind and hands occupied?
Hi, Blue Butterfly, and welcome to the forum!

I have had PD 15 years now and am still doing what you're doing: trying to keep active and counteract as well as I can the symptoms of the disease. As far as motor skills go, I have no drawing ability, am a terrible seamstress, have no interest in arts and crafts. But I do play the piano, making every effort to practice daily for an hour or two. Also, I write as much as possible to keep my penmanship reasonably good and do a lot on my laptop. Maybe even more important is general exercise. I hike three times a week with friends; I take Tai Chi classes; and I work out at the gym once or twice a week.

Keeping busy mentally has always been easy, because I live more in the mental than the physical realm. As a former literature teacher, I still love to spend time with great authors of all time periods. And, like every retired lit. instructor, I suppose, I write. My favorites are poetry and essays. I have published only a few things, but the main point is to use my brain to create and to make innumerable choices at a rapid pace.

Travel is another interest, though I find overseas trips too tiring now. Travel requires both physical and mental work and is fun besides.

These are a few ideas of activities from my life. I hope we'll hear more from you.
Hi J

Keeping going with different interests is the key to contentment with yourself. I know someone (very healthy) who has just retired and has read over 100 books and she is now fed up with reading. Because she has no other specific interests she claims to be bored. I haven't got enough time in a day to do what I want to achieve.
Sometimes I wake up early, due to medication, and I make cards to fill in the time.
Making up verses for the cards is quite a challenge, knowing the person is much easier to a successful outcome.

I miss my job as a Learning Mentor within a high school, working with students
aged 13-16. My role was to help students to cope with their problems at home as well
as those at school, so they could achieve their full potential and gain good exam results.

But life is an ongoing challenge, especially with Parkinsons, so everyone should take advantage of their spare time and complete their goals no matter how big or small.
hi, like you had parky some years but new to forum. it's not easy but you got to keep on trying things out. i do fused glass work - when i can - it gives me focus and sometimes keeps the dreaded shakes away. My camera is another integral part of what i do though i cant take it everyewhere it wants to go anymore:frowning:. I have recently aquired a lathe - dont know how successful thats going to be....
the important thing for me is to keep on keeping on. its got to be better than the alternative....
Hello BButterfly, i fully agree with your post about keeping busy. I enjoy crafting and have jsut treated myself to an industrial sewing machine and an embroidery machine also. I'm going to have a bash at some reupholstering and ive just signed up for a facinator(hat) making course. Im very determined to remain on top of this pd for as long as I can, now that I have retired I find that sometimes there just isn't enough hours in the day.

Good luck