New to forum but not to Parkinson

I was diagnosed in 2005 aged 58. I was working until last December when I also was diagnosed with breast cancer. Joined forum after reading article in The Parkinson 6 ways to train your brain. I really enjoy doing word puzzles.
Welcome, Wanda! Great that you were able to keep working. I hope that you recover completely from the breast cancer.

If you like word puzzles, we have a few going on in the Social Club. Chime in, please!
Thanks for your welcome Sheryll. Will give word puzzles a go. Looks very positive for breast cancer - just wish I didnt feel so tired.
Another welcome to you, Wanda!
I was diagnosed earlier in my 50's than you and have now had PD for 16 years. But I am still able to live the same life as before (using several meds, of course).

I'm glad the cancer prognosis looks favorable. You sound as if you have a very positive attitude, and that is key to living with PD. Besides medication, optimism and exercise are the most important factors, I believe.

Maybe we'll meet again in the word puzzles! Best regards.