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Hello everyone, I’m Sue, first post here. I care for my husband who got diagnosed 2 years ago. I wanted to ask if Parkinsons causes the person to be selfish, angry and not wanting to do anything.

I am struggling with how this is affecting both my husband and me. I dont know who could help me with our garden as my husband wont do anything, he wont let me get anyone to do the garden neither. Are there any charities or can the Council help please?

Its very difficult for me as i suffer with severe anxiety.

He can get very angry at times and selfish about things. I have no one to talk to about all this and just wondered if it was normal with Parkinsons.

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Hi there… unfortunately, many partners and carers of people with Parkinson’s (usually advanced Parkinsons) do report this. Apathy can be one of the symptoms and the frustrating and restrictive and deblitating aspect of the disease can lead to people with Parkinsons feeling very angry. Unforutnatly, as the closest ones to them, partner-carers can bear the brunt of this. It can be very difficult and draining to live with. There is a very good Facebook group - Partners of People with Parkinsons where everyone shares their challenges… do a search and ask to join you are not alone! Also, you may find that in your region, there could be a carers group … in London, one of the London advisers set up a carers support group.


Hi i am having same with my hubby too its do depressing and they seem not the husbands we knew its very hard but i can understand this as they get very selfish all the time x
Please if you want to talk we can help one another as i feel alone


Hi Angie yes it woukd be great to chat. Its been an awful 2 years. I am so worried about him.

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WELCOME Sue 42 I feel for you Sue42 it is very hard being a carer my hubby has not got PD but I have, but when it comes to me needing help he poo’ poo’s the idea he just say’s oh I can do that ect! what he doe’s not seem to realise is that he his 81 and not 20. A few weeks ago I spoke to a young girl who was a cleaner and ask her to visit , Getting hubby to say OK, I put the ball in his court and let him think that it was his idea! it worked, so maybe you could try this, but there are alway’s PD nurse’s or Parkinson’s UK where you can get help not for getting your GP, I know it’s a big deal for you hubby but you need to look after yourself other wise your hubby will have know one, also another place you can try is your local council adult care and CAdvice. and maybe you have not thought about this but there are lots of things you can claim for which doe’s, help, find more about this at Parkingson’s uk I do hope this has helped you please post again as with PD patient or carer is is not easy.

Thank you for the info re Facebook for carers. Sounds more like what I need