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Hi can you please tell me How to delete my picture thanks.


Hi Annette I’ve had pd since 2005 try to keep going cycle a bit walk my dog got to keep going my mother will be 90 in October I’ve got wife and 18 yr old daughter best wishes howard


I have undergone deep brain stimulation last year and it wasn’t as bad as I thought.I must say I was terribly nervous But as it turned out they put me to sleep tor the whole procedure It is not 100% but I think you will find iwill all be worth it . Do not worry you will be fine Ii wish you all the best


You are right. I agree with you.


Hi I was 37 when I was told I had pd
I’m now 58 and 4 weeks had dbs so far so good it’s my frist time ever of speaking openly about pd


Hi there am 59 and have had PD for 5 years this Nov… I also have rheumatoid arthritis which I have had for 20 years.

I am sure you will enjoy the forum. Any questions you have you can. Phone the helpline where there will be someone to answer your questions.

Take care and welcome to the forum



Hi you have done the right thing and will always find someone to help you and support you with whatever you need please don’t be afraid to ask any of us if we can help you we will


Hello Everybody
I am new to this forum and I am very glad to join


Hi downsvale welcome not only will you find good advice and support on here on the serious side of things you can also cry laughing if you find the right threads one thing for sure is you won, t be alone


Welcome and enjoy what you can, and relax, we are all in the same boat, then out…then in…then …
You get the picture


Hi Im new here too, after a 4 year break if that makes sense. Lost the original email you see.


Welcome back!


I’m 65 and I am an alcoholic - whoops - sorry - wrong problem - but that’s what it sometimes seems like when I tell people that I have PD. It’s like admitting to something that is somehow your own fault. I’m now in my 24th year post-PD diagnosis and although life is getting more difficult and restricted, I soldier on. It is important to keep busy - and to have targets - in 2018, I published a book (“The Alternative Christmas Letters”) through Amazon which has little to do Christmas and is only partly about my PD.

So keep smiling and always remember: the only time that you will be free of your PD is when you are dead - and with death as the alternative then living with PD doesn’t seem so bad.