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Hi I have been recently diagnosed. 2018 has been a horrible year. I finally got help after a horrendous fall down the stairs where I broke a bone in my lower back. I now live in constant fear of falling again. The anxiety has taken over my life so really struggling. I finally started physio this week and hoping it will help to get up and moving again. I have an amazing supportive family but still feel very alone at times.

Hi Sophieh you will never be alone on here being diagnosed with pd is scary but if you need help or just need to chat your in the right place if I can help please do get back to me

Hi peter welcome to the forum, yes it is scary being told you have a illness, but I must say everyone on here are so good, they all help and talk to you and help you answer all those millions of question. So never feel lost and alone just keep Your head up. All the best and one step At a time. Kind regards Raz

Hi Raz1 think you misread I, m not new it’s Sophie ioffered to help as I am 9th member of my family with pd sadly only one still alive so I like to think I have a fair knowledge of pd not that any 2 people are same was still nice to hear from you

Good morning Pete, I am so sorry :open_mouth::open_mouth: . It is sad to here about who your family has gone though this for many many years and all those life’s effected by this . But on a plus I got to speak to some one knew​:+1::+1: thank you for understanding and take care too :+1::+1:kind regards Raz

Hi sopheih, the note I addressed is ment for you sorry about the mix up

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No problem away for 2 days but will catch up with you when I’m back

Hi Raz
Thank you for responding I am not very good at small steps and always seem to focus on what I can’t do leaving me feeling sad and worthless. I think it’s something I am going to have to work on.

Thanks it’s already been helpful reading all the posts and knowing there are others who understand
Kind regards Kim

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