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Hi I am a 65 year old, 'retired' electronics engineer, and have had PD for some 4 years. I feel a bit daft not joining the forum before now, but at least I have at least accumulated some experience with the interaction of life style, drugs, perceptions, benefits(!) etc...
Hi nyAlex im 66 and was dx 18 months ago it took me a long time to go on the forum but i have had so much help im glad i made the effort Take care chrisB
same time since dx as me. have noticed it progressing quite a bit recently. more tremors than before.
Hi turnip
In same position tremor progressed to both sides now.dx in nov still on 1.75 mirapexin a day which I don't think is enough.not supposed to see pd nurse till getting in touch tomorrow to see if I can increase meds.dont know if I'm expecting miracles from the meds or not.
hi twins (always feel like I am talking to 2!)you seem to be on a small dose. i've never tried mirapexin but the dose seems to go up to 3x what you are taking. i would imagine they will up it before trying ldopa. neuros all have their own rules of thumb when to move onto the mixed medication stage. when that happens there is a chance of a real improvement at least for a few years. there are good reasons to delay it but it is inevitable. as you know, neuros can't just keep upping DAs willynilly. if the mirapexin worked for a while it might work again at a higher dose for another period. I dont think it i unrealistic and this stage for symptoms to be very dampened down if not to almost disappear entirely for a while each day.

doubt that pd nurse will make any major decision on his/her own.

I think my problem is my neuro wants me to come off selegiline but I think I need a mao-b inhibitor to make the l-dopa last. (in my experience some neuros underestimate the beneficial interaction of mao-bi and ldopa - moa-bi is MORE effective with ldopa than on its own as there is some dopamine for it to keep active)
rasagiline (azilect) is safer but isn't subsidised in australia.

good luck with the nurse, don't play down your symptoms as the British are so want to do!

hi nyalex
welcome xx
hi nyalex,welcome to the forum,im ali been dx for 11 years,good surport on here and good friends to be made,we all seem to be like one big family,and addin a extending one as time goes on with pd journey:smile: