New to forum

New to the forum and just checking that this message is getting posted to everyone. I would be grateful if one person could confirm that it has worked. Thank you

Yes it has.
Welcome to the forum

Welcome Magenta :slight_smile:

Welcome Magenta to our forum. I know you asked for one person to respond well, on here we do do things by halves so I am No.3 !! Is there anything you would like to say to get your Parkinsons journey under way ? As you will see in other welcome posts to newbies like yourself we are all here for one another and offer up help and advice where needed.


Hi magenta,

Welcome to the forum!
Your message has indeed worked.
We hope you find comfort and knowledge amongst the forum community.

All the best,
Moderation Team

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Hello Magenta.

Welcome to the ‘gang’. You will find friendship and help with nothing asked in return. Whatever is concerning you, you will find in the Forum someone who has already had it and there to help.

I go to a PD Gym which is just like the forum. You are one of the big PD Family and as such we are all there for you. You never feel lonely as there are fellow ‘twitchers’ at the touch of a button. Plus the help and friendship of the people from the Parkinson Organisation.

Once more WELCOME …