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Hi, my name is Donna.

My dad was diagnosed this week by a private GP of having early Parkinson’s disease.

My dad suffers tremors in his hands only in the morning on our walks, however if he clinches his first or shakes his hands these disappear.

My dad has no other symptoms and no other tremors in his body, his hand writing is the same and he walks slowly but he is 72.

I would like people’s experience on their first symptoms, and if they have had similar experiences that my dad has having.

The private GP gave him tablets which caused the tremors to be worse after three days.

Please help.

I’m new to the forum and finding my way how to use it, so anything can happen.

Hi @Donna1

Welcome to the forum :wave:

I am sure other members of the community will be able to share their experiences, but you may like to visit our Newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s section of the website, where you can access more information and support for you and your Dad about his new diagnosis.

You may also like to contact the Parkinson’s UK helpline on 0808 800 0303. Our helpline is open 9am-7pm Monday to Friday and 10am-2pm on Saturdays and it is a free confidential service providing support to anyone affected by Parkinson’s, made up of trained advisers including Parkinson’s nurses.

Kind regards,

Emily - moderation team