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Hi there
I am spiderman my mum has parkinsons she has had it for about 4 years she has the shaking not too bad but yesterday morning she has become extremely forgetful. Can anyone tell me is that normal she has not been taking her medication which we did not know about for about a week, could that be a course of the forgetful ness. I thought everything was gradual but her forgetfulness just came all in one go. Please help.
hello spiderman,
I am sorry but I don't think I can be of much help. You sound so worried about your mum.
As far as I know forgetfulness associated with Parkinson's is usually the result of medication, aging or both. You do not say how old your mother is & it sounds like the forgetfulness occured suddenly as a result of stopping medication? It could be unrelated to PD. Could it be that your mums forgetfulness has been slowly increasing, but has only now become noticeable?
May I suggest that your mother consult her GP or PD nurse if she has one? A good idea would be to phone the helpline (the no. is at the top left of this page) A nurse will phone you back.
With best wishes