New to forum

Hello to all. I am male 60 living in the nw England been dx three years now marked tremor to left side spreading to both legs and sometimes both arms. this is the first forum that i have been on so not sure of correct etiquette. so if i make a mistake i apologise in advance. lucky for me i married a wife that was a career by and had worked with some one with pd and got involved with local was helpful as we where not strangers. so that's me if i missed anything about myself that anybody would like to know just reply to this post and i will try to oblige.
Greetings from rainy Oxfordshire, although originally from Kent.

I am also new to the forum although diagnosed for 7 years (when I was 45). Trying to remain positive but the toe clawing and cramps do get rather depressing.

Never mind, the football season is up and running again so I can vent my spleen each week and get rid of some of my frustrations!

Welcome to the forum.
hi pbpj
its a nice friendly forum here. hope you enjoy it as much as i have.
i used to live in witney and oxford, used to enjoy cycling all those little roads between villages. and excellent pubs. don't miss the rain though.
hi ya welcome to puk ali and been dx 11 half years,im 43 years old.this forum is very good for surport and advice,and lots of community members will make friends.i hope to see more of you about,x:smile:
Hi Turnip

Whilst I do like Oxfordshire, my heart and soul remain in Kent and I am hoping to retire there eventually. Seems a long way off at the moment.
tks to gfcrxile, turnip and alij for the welcome.turnip i used to cycle a lot before a white van man hit me miss it still and all the cyclist i used to follow are long since retired, still watch it but it not the same. hope to get to know you all better in near future,got to dash dr appointment cant be late.
Hello pbpj,

Welcome to the forum, as you can see already there are plenty of people who can offer any help and tips on living with PD.
Hope to hear from you again soon and that the doctor's app went well.
best wishes
Hi - at 55, just diagnosed yesterday and can’t believe it - the anger/denial - until I have a scan part of me is hanging onto the hope that it’s not true - told my children and family but cant tell anyone else - until show symptons want to try and lead as normal life as possible. I bet everyone says that!! After 12 years being a single mum to 3 children (20 and twins 16) - I found the man of my do I tell him we’ve only being seeing each other for 7 months...I also work 1 day week and applying for FT jobs - do I give up? ...that’s all for now Thank you for reading this ramble!