New to forum

Have just joined the forum on behalf of my husband who was diagnosed 2 years ago. We have come to the stage where we both need a bit of support.
Hi Bebejam. That's a strange name you have there, reminds me of a certain food store that sold only frozen food. Sorry,I swear I'll never mention it again.
Welcome to the forum to both you and your husband. You will find a friendly bunch here. I myself have not been here very long although I was diagnosed October 2009. I'm very sorry to hear your husband has got parkinsons, it's a bit of a shock when you first know you have it. I think it is one of those events in one's life that will always stay with you. If you don't mind me asking,how old is your hubby? is he still at work? I'am just going through the process of cutting down the hours I work. I'm 52 btw. and still at this moment in time working full time mainly because the bills have to be paid. It certainly helped me knowing your'e not the only one, there are lots of good friendly people who will help you out if they can. You have come to the right place.
Best regards....Andy.
Hello and welcome.

I was diagnosed April 2012 age 51 I still work full time, although do flexi time. I have a very good manager.
It came as a shock to me when I was 1st diagnosed and have found the forum very helpful. My husband found out about the local group and we attend that which has been a great source of support. Is there a local group where you live?
Welcome to both you and your husband as you start on this PD journey.

Best wishes
I'm a recent member of the forum, and like your husband in my 50's I now work 30 hours a week in a factory only with the help of my Co Workers, who do all my heavy lifting and reload my machine as this is now to much for me, I often feel I should give up work, but that would put us in the Workhouse, as bills need to be paid and the new rules on getting help makes it harder to give up. So I continue to struggle on. But with the retirement age going up and up who knows. I was diagnosed in Oct 10, but have had PD for at least 10 years. I attend my local PD meetings and they help a lot. Lucky for me it is on the only day I do not work, I did feel the odd one out, in that I still work but reading this Forum I now know i,m not their are a lot of us. I hope i don't sound to down tomorrow is another day, and ill be bright and cheerful as I face the world.
HI Bebejam and Cockney Girl, I welcome you both to the Forum. I hope you will both find the answers you are seeking , here. I do know you will find plenty of people who understand, and are wiling to voice their opinions. And I know you will make lots of new friends too. So, Welcome. BA.
hi my name is toonarmy ive been on the forum before for some reason im forgeting things quite alot now im going through alot of changes now with parkinsons my vision my head shakes both my arms shake and my body hurts everywhere for those who dont know me im 40 year old i was told about parkinsons 4 year ago now my partner has ms and i have a lovely bairn 11 year old girl i work full time and my partner works aswell im doing a charity walk for parkinsons in april im walking 14 mile i already have my parkinsons tshirt and sponsor forms my sister and nice are walking with me in case i cannot manage but i know i will hopefully i can raise enough to go towards helping myself and others aswell
i was interested to find out how other poeple were coping thats why i came back on this forum well i will find out in other ways hope everyone on this forum manages ok and when i do the walk that i can raise enough money for parkinsons
Hi toonarmy I'm iin the same position as you,except for the walking I can't walk far because of the cramps everywhere.ive got most symptoms now and new ones keep poping up related to pd.obviously I'm depressed still awake and the only real support is from this forum.i don't get any good day well if I do I've still got alot of pain.people I know get cramp now and again and they don't half like everyone to have pd for a day,that would be the best information they could get and propaply would look on us with respect not pity.sorry getting carried also putting up with bells palsey which I think is here to stay.iim 53 been dx a year had to finish work at a local car manufacturer in 98 not knowing it was the pd.just one question how far back can you take your symptoms.atb john