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I am 51 and was diagnosed 3 years ago, but had symptoms for number of years before that.
Still working 50+ hours a week,had to stop driving because it was safer for everyone else on the road! Enjoyed the snow cos everyone else shuffling along like me for a change.
:wink:Hi Julie T and welcome to the forum. I too was diagnosed 3 years ago but had symptoms before that. The only difference is I gave my job up as I could not manage which at the time was the best thing for me but now there are days when I am totally bored. And as you can see I don't sleep we'll either. I am 58 now but I was 55 when diagnosed. You do we'll to keep up a job working 50 hrs.+ and also cope withe this unwelcome visitor.( PD ) Good luck to you
hiya julie t,welcome to puk ali been dx 12 years,im 43.there are many members on here to make friends with ,and give good surport to any questions needed.i gave my licence up to dvla bout 6-7 years ago now,my confidence went and was not stopping quick enough,and clipping like you gave it up for me own safety and the publics.hope to see more of you around forum x:smile:
Hi Julie t and wifit, I was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago and gave up work at the same time, not because of PD but because we moved.I was 54, now 57.I try to fill my days with cooking, walking, reading,Internet plus some daytime telly! Bit I have to admit I have too much time to think and do get anxious and sometimes bored. Am trying to get my head round it all but struggle when I m not feeling well. Sometimes the mountain feels too big to climb!
Can I ask what meds, if any, you take? I am on Madopar 100mg x 3 daily plus various supplements. have been on that dosage for 4 months. Has helped with mobility, balance and freezing.

All the best for now

:stuck_out_tongue:Hi samdog,

I have just been put on Madopar 62.5 mg 3 times a day. This is because after 3 years of taking Mirapexin and Azilect with great results, my symptoms came back again only worse this time. The tremor increased to both sides, mobility was very poor, I was dragging my leg and was very slow at doing most tasks and then there was the freezing. This reared its ugly head again!!
My cons. suggested a low dose of Madopar and I have just taken my first tablet and am waiting for a miracle, ha pigs might fly, I also take Propanolol. ( 4 ) drugs so far for my PD.
Hi wifit I do hope you get some positive results with Madopar.Let us know how you get on.

Best wishes