New to forum

I was dx 4 years ago,I am also a carer for my husband who has had a stroke and heart surgery. I have been taking part in the "finding early markers" research project for over 2 years. I go to a Conductive Education 2 hr. exercise group for PD once a week. I find it much better than Ti Chi as I am very much looser after the class and find gardening easier afterwards. I am coping generally OK, providing I don't have to push my husband in the wheelchair often!! I do get rather tired at times and my sleep patterns are very erratic. Is there anyone out there with PD who is also a 24/7 carer?
Hello Ceil, I am not a carer but I have had pd for 12 years now. I just wanted to welcome you to the forum where I'm sure that you find excelent support and advice. There is bound to be somebody that can relate to your situation that will make themselves known to you. I hope to see more posts from you, take care