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Hi ive not been diagnoised with pd yet waiting for a neuro appointment 


My symptoms started about 6 months ago, first with Feeling I was swaying when Stood still, pain down neck and shoulder lack oF sleep, then the tremors started In right hand, visited gp but me on beta blockers.  


2 months ago my walking became really slow, a norm 25 main walk took me 90 mins .have days I can hardly. walk, my rigHt arm has lost it swing. Been to phsyio now have a walking stick he also thinks its pd would like peoples opinions thank you


Hi magenta1969

Welcome to the forum. There's a lot of valuable information here on all aspects of Parkinson's.  There are also people who have been through what you're going through and can help. 

You can get more information on diagnosis in our information sheet Diagnosing Parkinson's. We also have a helpline where you can speak to a nurse or specialist adviser. The number there is 0808 800 0303. 

I hope that helps.



Hello, Magenta 1969 --

Don't despair.  Your symptoms do sound a lot like PD, but there may be other possibilities as well.  If it turns out to be Parkinson's, there are good medications that help greatly.  I have had PD at least 16 years.  Before I started on any meds, my symptoms were getting strong -- much like those you describe.  Once I began taking a medication, the symptoms disappeared!  Over the years, of course, I have had to increase the dosage and add other meds, but this disease is not by any means the end of an active life.

Get as much exercise as you can, and think hopefully!

Best wishes,     J

Hi  j thank you for your reply, hoping to get an appointment soon will keep here informed how I get on.  thanks for the advice. take care