New to forum

just would like to say hello as am new to the site.

am a carer for my hubby who has had pd for 10 years x

Hello Jenn and welcome. As a PwP, I'd just say carers are the tops, worth their weght in gold, etc. As i always say it's not just me that was PD,  but the family. I know my behaviour at times would sorely try a saint's patience: carer=super-saint. (but you don't have to be saintly on this site).

Best wishes to you both.


thank you for your kind words but am lost on hear .x

i have so much going on with my hubby p d and meds , could you tell me the best place to post a Q to recive

a reply thanks again x

Best thing is to ring the helpine above  0808 800 0303.  Its free andthey ca help wih all manner of things including PD drugs.    Sat. 10am to 2pm   Monday to Friday  9am o 8 pm

This is a bit short as the first attempt d-  of te most endearing features of the forum wich is otherwise very helpful with lots of people to answer with their personal experiences.

The word disappeared has now disappeared - not one  of the ms.........

Hi again Jenn. Eileedpatricia is right about the helpline. But post here as well. Don't worry about where, most of us read most new posts so someone's bound to pick it up and respond. Don't worry about what, either - we're good at responding to general thoughts, moans, streams of consciuosness, curious requests.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Take care


thank you all for your replies.

my head is all over place cos they are stopping my husbands pd drugs.

and i just dont no what to think about it all , i no the out come want be good but i just dont no what to do

my  hubby as sevral nuro problams .sad

              Hello Jenn  and wellcome

                           The people looking after your husband cannot suddenly withdraw  his PD drugs    without giving him a alternitive, that simply is wrong, arrange for second opinion either from another Neurologist or another Hospital and dont take no for a answer, , just to clarify, you say that they are stopping his meds  that  would be incredibly cruel,  Eileenpatricia is correct in recommending you contact the PD HELPLINE they will advise you accordingly, do let us know the outcome, as your husbands carer you have rights. and so does your husband.

                                                Best Wishes, do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any further

                                                        assistance.    FED


thank you again for reply s but my hubby has the best nuro doctor in is filed,

well so i thought but my hubby has sevral nuro problems not just parkinson and i think

its about manaching is pain . i just dont no what to expect when they stop parkinson med.


Hi Jenn, i say again, ring the PUK helpline 0808 800 0303. If you don't understand what's going on, your husband probably doesn't either, and that is just wrong. You need to know a) what "they" are going to stop and why, b) what *you* as your OH's carer can expect to happen as a result.



hi just to let you no i phoned help line they are giving me a call back tomorrow evening .

so hopefully they explain more to me . and thank you agian for your help hope your well .

i never asked if you are a carer or you had p d your selfs xx