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Hi I am not new to parkinsons I got officially diagnosed at the age of 25. I am now 39. On a day to day basis my meds work great but just lately I am having problems with my balance. I find myself falling backward a lot it's really worrying me and I can't get an appointment with my specialist til October. Just don't know how to deal with it
Welcome to the forum, kay12!

I don't know where you live. If in the UK, could you get a referral to a Parkinson's nurse? If in the US, see if there is a PD clinic near you or try another specialist. There is no reason to wait 3 to 4 months for a consultation when you are having problems -- especially problems with balance, which are highly dangerous.

Early onset PD is probably different from my case, but I am studying Tai Chi and finding it most helpful in improving my balance. I've heard that yoga, pilates, cycling (whether on the street or on an indoor stationary bike), dance, and other forms of exercise can work, too.

You'll hear from others in the forum, I'm sure, and maybe someone else can make more helpful suggestions. Best of luck!
Hi thanks for your response Sorry yes I'm from the uk I do have a nurse and I have spoke to her she said she would like me to see my specialist. So unless there is a cancellation I will have to wait. But thanks for the tips I will give cycling Ago Thanks
Hello Kay . I live in S Wales . My consultant retired and I have never see a Parkinson's in 7 years . Or I should say my husband hasn't seen one . When O asked they said she is busy.
Omg really that is terrible :cry: