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Hi i am a 43 year old lady. I had a tremor from the age of 15. I was told it was an essential tremor. At 25 after having a pet scan was diagnosed with Juvenile Parkinsons. I was shocked, horrified and refused to talk tto anyone not even my parents. My secret stayed with me and my then boyfriend who is my husband now. I never told anyone until 9 years ago. I  have three children 12, 11 and 7. Two years ago i had Dbs in Germany. I currently reside in Italy. Pace of life is easier here. Dbs is amazing. However, I now have severe depression. I have put on loads of weight. My balance is poor but my tremor has gone. Would love to hear anyone  elses experiences after dbs.

Hi and welcome x


I have no experience of dbs but there is a topic on therapies, drugs etc and there are some recent posts on there for you to ask questions and hopefully get some support just have a browse on discussions .   Take care x