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Hi all

My husband was diagnosed with PD in June 2015 after showing symptoms for about 2-3 years, he was 53. 

He was then diagnosed with Myeloma in August 2015 which was a very big shock as we thought he just had a bad back! 

He is now in full remission from the cancer :) but his parkinsons has got a lot worse. He recently had DBS surgery which has been amazing for his tremor on his right side but the left his wobbling around like no one business. He has been booked in again to have the left side redone. My question is, has anyone else had to go through surgery twice? 

Thanks in advance for your help


Catchymoo, it was scary enough going through it the first time without going through it again.  My problem is that the consultant would not have it that I had another tremor in addition to the Parkinsons, that being Dystonic Tremor, he suggested to us to go through it again but my wife, my carer is dubious about going for it in case something went wrong.  So I put up with the DT for the time being.  

Hello, I'm new to this.

my husband has Parkinsons, he was diagnosed 5 years ago and isn't doing too bad. We are both in our 80s so age is not on our side.  Fortunately we live in a bungalow which is suitable for the elderly.we have two daughters, no grandchildren, but they live near and are very husband is a bit in denial, he thinks the changes are due to age, he refuses any sort of exercise or aids but having said that we are coping. He is still able to help with light housework, and can walk farther than me, but very much slower. His main problems are fumbly hands, short tern nenoery loss and a bit compulsive in behaviour which I find frustrating. I hope to be able to read some comments etc on this forum

Hi Trefoilguilder,

Sorry i’ve not replied to your post before but i’ve only just discovered it !! Being 65 I hoover through our apartment on a daily basis, we do have my wife’s daughter live fairly close by in case of problems with me. Like your husband I do have memory problems, loss of balance, in fact I had a fall when out about three weeks ago but was fortunate that an ambulance was passing at the time of my demise and picked me up and checked me over. I am a bit snappy with my wife sometimes and have a habit of saying hurtful things to people. I do have a DBS fitted and am having the battery changed next month. Hope you are finding your feet on here and learning more about Parky. All the best.