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Hi all, I am new here and no idea what I am doing.
I am 61 years young, and have had parkinsons they think for about 15 years.
I no longer work although I loved my job,i worked for the NHS fot over 40 years as a Nurse most of it in the community. I found that stress and parkinsons didn’t mix well.
My PD was only officially diagnosed 5 years ago after a DAT scan. Previous MRIs had led to diagnosis of maybe TIAs. I must admit I did think I was a hypochondriac as symptoms progressed and did myself no favours by avoiding the Doctors like the plague.
Eventually when it couldn’t be avoided my GP sent me as urgent to a neurologist who took 1 look at me and said"you have parkinsons disease". My reply was"i don’t think so". He was right I was wrong a statement that nearly kills me to say.
Until recently along with the tablets I have lived quite happily in denial, but as my journey continues I think the time has come to acknowledge the elephant in the room.
So here I is hoping to find out more.
I still am the wild hippy child I always was just a little slower these days.
Well folks that’s it hope its not to long winded. :blush:

Hi @Karen1 and a very warm welcome to our forum. You sound like a very positive and realistic person and a great addition for us here judging from your various posts. I’m sure that the ‘older’ members will be ready to say hello very soon. As for not knowing what you’re doing, you’ve done an excellent job of introducing yourself.

It sounds as if things aren’t quite as easy as they seemed in the beginning and you’re ready to get some support as you move through your coming days. You’re absolutely in the right place for this. Nothing wrong with being a slower hippy either as long as there are still sunshine and flowers in your life. I’m looking forward to hearing more from you.

Best wishes,
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Hello Karen1
I add my welcome to Janice’s and echo many of her remarks. In my experience, and we’re not just talking Parkinson’s here, most people will only search for or accept help and support when the time is right for them as an individual. Here on the forum one of the most common phrases used, if not the commonest, is that Parkinson’s is very individual and that includes how you choose to see and react to the diagnosis. There is no right or wrong way, only the way that suits you, which is precisely what you have done. It is a brave step you have taken in acknowledging your denial, that the time has come to do something about it and posting on the forum. You are not asking about anything specific at the moment but if, as and when you do the forum is a reliable source of information and advice that you can trust for what better voice is there than that of experience - including your own.
Best wishes.

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Hi @Karen1 as you’ve found out, this forum is a good place to be with lots of friendships to be made and plenty to get your teeth into. Although you were a nurse it doesn’t stop you asking anything you may wish to know about the disease, it is a learning curve for all of us no matter how long we’ve had the disease for, we’re all here to help you as we’re all in the same boat. We all have our own coping strategies, the main thing is to try to adopt a positive attitude in your outlook on life and don’t let it get to you. If you’re having a down day you can come on here and there will always be someone to lend a friendly ear, you’re never alone on this forum. Take care, stay safe and have a good weekend.


Hi @Karen1
Welcome to the forum from a current nhs staff who diagnosed 2 years ago .
I could clearly feel thst denial stage. Be honest I was self diagnosed before the neurologist appointment . Whilst waiting for the DAT scan report i ws impatient. But still when I have been told that it’s confirmed it was difficult to accept. But after I had some positive talks from my superiors I gained positivity and moving forward since then. But then I wasn’t ready to talk about it. After one and a half years suddenly some thoughts sparked … being a nurse I shouldn’t hide this . First thing I did was join the forum. Since then I love beibg here . Gaining new knowledge everyday.
Hats off to you for serving nhs for 40 years.
Take care

Banjo boy :Hi Karen , Just want to add my welcome to the others. Being of the hippy-minded you need to go with the flow and begin to accept your situation and benefit from the wonderful and knowledgeable people in the Forum. I cannot add much except I take a challenging irreverent view of life ,trying to meet problems with a sense of humour. Your feedback on this would be most welcome.
‘ rock on Tommy…, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: