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Hi everybody, my nickname is yuggy and I posted a message the other day under Treatments and then Stalevo. but I should have introduced myself first. I was diagnosed with Parky in 2002 just as I was retiring but have managed to live quite a normal life on first of all Sinemet, then Mirapexin and Sinemet, then mirapexin and Stalevo. I try and exercise as much as possible either exercises from the Parky book or cycle machine and jogging when my legs do as they are told which at the moment is not very often. It started when my adorable wife did the race for life with our two daughters and I started running with her. after about two years I could not keep up so now I take the dog for a walk whilst she runs round Parham Park with the deer. What a wonderful life. I feel so good after a run so I am determined to start again when I sort out my medication. Anyway to anyone out there who is fed up and depressed, as my wife says "look at the day, the flowers, the trees and you will feel better" we all have off days so how much better do we feel when we have a good day. That just about finishes my introduction and thank you lilly for replying to my post. My P nurse is going to show me the pen at my next appointment. Sounds good to me.
You have a good 'mindset' and I hope you can always keep it that way. Welcome to the forum and please use us as a group you can bounce ideas off. Looking forward to your next uplifting threads!
Hi yuggy,

Welcome to the forum, it sounds like your life is a good one and you have a great attitude dealing with PD, good for you!

Yuggy, your message is an inspiration; thank you.

From Lily (not to be confused with lilly).
Yuggy, we are kindred spirits. Like me you are determined to get on with life. There are far too many "moaning Minnies".. It wont change a thing. So give a little grin and take it on the chin.
Hi Yuggy! (no relation to Paul "Luggy" Sturrock? :sunglasses: )

Welcome to the forum and what an attitude :exclamation:

Hope your meds are re-calibrated again soon and you get back to doing the things you want to do. Good to see all is going well otherwise.

Best wishes,
HI Yuggy it is a pleasure to welcome you to the forum. You and your wife seem to have such a positive approach to life with PD which I also try to keep. I'm sure you will find many like minded folk here. Best wishes and keep posting
welcome yuggy to the forum ,love ur forum name:smile:im ali i bin dx for 10 years im 42,there is good surpor on here ,and i hope to see u around the forum x:smile:
Hi yuggy

Welcome to forum. You sound very positive with your outlook which is great.
We do sadly get days when we are feeling down and sorry for ourselves. But that does come with the PD, sadly.
Keep posting and see you around the forum.

best wishes PB
Hiya. I don't have Parkinson's but I have worked as a self employed carer for the last 20 months for an 85 year old lady with Parkinson's and related dementia. Reason for joining the forum is that I have a friend who has recently been diagnosed and I wanted to up the anti a bit and find out more about the condition - but particularly for people who have been newly diagnosed as the lady I work for had a pre existing condition of about 7 years before I met her. Until I met her I knew nothing about it, bar the usual perception that people shake and can't control certain movements. And of course it has turned out to be a lot more complex than that, and very individual to the individual. My main concern about my friend at the moment is his high levels of anxiety coupled with memory loss. He was/is a very active bloke and he is finding it hard, as of course he would. Sorry to moan on, because this is not happening to me. But watching him change over time and appear to go downhill is hard. I am trying to stay positive and say that now he has the diagnoses he can get help and maybe return to a slightly better place with medication? I do hope so. And any postive input would be good...
hi yuggy, glad to hear you are going to try the pen you will have to have the apo challenge which means going into hospital over night and stopping all your meds until the morning when you will be started on the apo-go 1mg and then it is increased until they find the right dose for you i am on 5units as and when i need it, it might just get you back to running again, i did the race for life last year with my daughter and sister in law i could only manage to jog then walk then jog then walk i thing that sums it up but at least i did it abeit slowly but i got my medal hope that the pen works for you good luck sue.
Hi i've had parkinsons since 2000 been finding it very difficult lately because my chemist change the supply of my selegelin and it made me lose my balance and i was falling all over the place. Has anybody else had this problem? I've managed to get my origanal supply but it's getting hard to get a hold of. I gave up work over four years ago but previously i worked for a firm where the boss took him four and half years to get rid of me, but he did it all wrong and i took him to tribunial and won. Has anybody else had the same done to them? I'm now a house husband, it takes me a little time to get going but i get there in the end.
Hi all
I put the heading new to Forums as I have only read them and not actually taken part before, I had some replies to my note under stalevo, treatments and I did not realise that you had to look under this section, So this is just to say thank you for all the welcome notes you sent and your kind words. I spent half an hour writing this reply yesterday and wanted to go back t the thread and I actually wrote that I hope I don't get lost in cyberspace. Needless to say I did and spent two hours looking for the passage, I am writing a new passage as there is no Parkinson clinic in Cyber space and I didn't want to stay there. Thank you Lilly for your help with the pen, I didn,t know you had to go in Hospital overnight. Anyway I am going to press the post button before I lose all of this.
Your doing great YUGGY, keep posting there is always someone for you to chat with. Why not join in the games on the Social Thread.

Wishing you and yours all the best

Radz x
Good on you Yuggy. I trust you found the replies useful.

You might want to open notepad and write your reply there (and maybe save it if it is a long post). I often find that I reply to someone and I cannot remember their name, so I have to flick back and forth.

Best wishes,