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Hi not sure where to start.I was diagnosed with Parkinsons in February this year and it is still sinking in. I am on medication which has helped a lot but still suffer with very stiff feet and a slight tremor in my right arm. I think I have had Parkinsons for a long time as I became very slow at work. I am now retired and find there are good and bad days like everyone else. It is good to read stories from other sufferers as it reminds you there is always someone in a worse position than you and that you may be able to help them.


Welcome to the forum. I hope you find the forum as supportive as I have done. It can take a little while to get properly adjusted to the meds. 

Elegant Fowl

Thanks elegant fowl. There are certainly lots of encouraging stories on the forum. I will share more in time..



Hi Katie, welcome to the forum also. It takes time to adjust to the idea of being told you have PD, then it also takes time to adjust to the meds and finding one that suits you, as we are all different in how the PD affects us.

All the best in your journey with parkinsons


Hi Katie 

welcome aboard !

ian xx ( love to chat but am of out for supper )