New to Parkinsons

Hi all, my wife was diagnosed with PD about a year ago, she only had the shakes in her left arm, now she is getting it in her right arm, I’m just asking if there is a pattern it follows so I can be more prepared for what is to come.

Thank you
Maurice Lyon

Hello Maur1940
Welcome to the forum. You ask a valid question but unfortunately not one to which there is a simple answer. Parkinson’s usually affects one side of the body first but over time will also begin to affect the body bi-laterally ie both sides. The speed and level of impact varies according to the individual. To that extent you can argue there’s a pattern.
Above and beyond that the progress of your wife’s Parkinson’s will be unique to her.

Parkinson’s is a complex condition which has a number of motor and non motor symptoms. It doesn’t mean she will experience all the symptoms you may read or hear about and even where she develops some of the common symptoms that many people with Parkinson’s
live with, her own experience and how it affects her may well be different. The Parkinson’s UK site has a range of information sheets which you may find helpful to read this is the link

In most people Parkinson’s is slow moving and there is generally time to become aware of changes and take steps to reduce the impact of these. It is worth pointing out that Parkinson’s is generally seen as a movement disorder, which indeed it is, but there are also some 40+ non motor symptoms that can be more of a problem than the motor ones.

Sorry if this all seems a bit vague and I wish I could tell you it goes from a - z but that’s not the nature of the beast. Best advice is to get on with living, eat a balanced diet, keep active as best you can and what for me is the single most important thing - it’s not everyone’s way - stay positive. You’ll be well placed then to manage change as its evolves.

The forum has information you can trust so please do come back if you have any specific questions or concerns or are just in need of a friendly ear.