New to PD

Hi All

I have recently been diagnosed with PD at the age of 50. I have been told I have rigidity in my right hand side. and have been put in Sinemet. The worse thing is that I cannot write more than a short sentence before my handwriting becomes tiny and illegible. Will it get any better does any know with the medication?  I use  lap top and tablet alot but still have to write with pens for my jobs


Hi TJ,

Handwriting and PD.

I've was diagnosed with PD in early 2011. Trouble with handwriting trailing off after a few words was an early problem and symptom. Hopefully now some encouraging words.-

Once my medication was sorted, and that varies considerably from person to person and for all, necessarily needs to be reviewed from time to time, I found that my writing improved considerably. I can't write as quickly as before PD and if I feel trail off, I stop for a few seconds and then continue. In my case I find I have to concentrate on how I'm writing as much as what I'm writing. 

My sister has had PD for fifteen years. She goes to calligraphy lessons to keep some writing skill.

I wish you luck and hope things improve; writing wise. You may have to sacrifice your previous writing speed quite a bit.






 Thank you very much for those encouraging words

There is a good chance the meds will improve your writing as once they are established in your system any tremor can then be more controllable.

Something that may help avoid stress as this will only make your symptoms come on stronger it took my husband to point this out to me during an argument with a rather unpleasant person whom drinks in my local.

Sometimes it can take a while to find the level required to treat your PD so be patient. 

We all react differently to the meds as the PD attacks our bodies it is a disease that relies on our DNA as to how it will effect us. If you wish to learn more about PD I recommend a course called GOOD BRAIN BAD BRAIN PARKINSON'S with future learn it runs over three weeks and it is completely free. MY pass was 84%....

good luck to you BB.

Just to add to the positive comments.  My handwriting was a pre-dx symptom and is completely normal now most of the time.

My mother was a poet and wrote a lot. She was able to continue writing - lots of times in the bank, cashing a cheque she had written, I was asked which font had been used , as she wrote with a lovely script writing.(She was a law writer as her first job in the 1940's!)

I know it was hard work for her to maintain the script and not run up the page and the words getting smaller ...but she looked on it as physiotherapy!

When her meds were not 'stable' things went awry but TJ hopefully it will be the same for you!

Keep writing!