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Hi there
I am spiderman my mum was diagnosed about 4 years ago she has only had the shakes in her hands it has got worst over the years but that is all she has had till last Wednesday's.
She woke up saying she cannot remember the last week of her life. She keeps asking the same question repeatedly. like do I need to take tablets or what are we having for dinner. I knew she would get worst but not that quick. she has not been taking her tablets for about a week would that cause her to forget so quickly, we know take care of her medicines now. I have put something on the forum but I don't know how to find what I put. so help with site and my mum would be very appreciated.
your first message was under Daily Life. Click on your name and you will see both your posts.
Thank you thats the first bit hope anyone can help me with my mum :grin:
no problem. AB gives some good advice after your first post and i didnt want to just copy it but here it is

hello spiderman,
I am sorry but I don't think I can be of much help. You sound so worried about your mum.
As far as I know forgetfulness associated with Parkinson's is usually the result of medication, aging or both. You do not say how old your mother is & it sounds like the forgetfulness occured suddenly as a result of stopping medication? It could be unrelated to PD. Could it be that your mums forgetfulness has been slowly increasing, but has only now become noticeable?
May I suggest that your mother consult her GP or PD nurse if she has one? A good idea would be to phone the helpline (the no. is at the top left of this page) A nurse will phone you back.
With best wishes
Hi Turnip
My mum is 81 she has been a little forgetfull but woke up one morning forgetting loads
Thank you for your help it is nice to be able to talk to someone.

As a patient diagnosed 11 years ago I can confirm that over all those 11 years my memory has got worse and worse, irrespective of which tablets I'm taking at the time. So I've assumed it's the PD and just got used to it, joking with the family when I forget things which should be obvious. Some examples:

I ALWAYS forget whether I took my last pills, and when the next are due.
At 11 pm yesterday I couldn't remember what I'd had for dinner at 8 pm.
I regularly forget our street's name, BUT I always remember the postcode.
I always forget appointments. Thank God for the missus!
I forget the names of famous TV faces, even tho I've watched them for years.

And so on. I don't see it as a problem any more, just an idiosyncrasy to be chuckled about.


Hi Spiderman
Has your mother been to see her GP since this happened? I think it would be a good to have a checkup soon.
Thank you all for your help she has gone to see her pd doctor he thinks it could be because she stopped taking her mess but he said he is not the memory dr ford so see how she goes this week if it does not improve by Friday go to see her gp and they will advice us what to do next.

Thank you for your help it is nice to know we are not the only ones xxx